Leaders-In-Training - CKW YMCA



Our Leader-In-Training program operates at each of our three individual camps

What does that mean?

Candidates who will be 15 years old by July 30, 2019, can apply to participate in their choice (assuming availability) of camp L.I.T. program.

  • Belwood L.I.T. Program
  • Ki-Wa-Y L.I.T. Program
  • Wabanaki L.I.T. Program

What does the L.I.T. month look like?
  • L.I.T. participants spend 4 weeks at the specific camp they choose, or are placed at, training to become strong leaders and potential future counsellors. 
  • Much of the program will remain the same at all three camps:  all L.I.T.s will focus on leadership skills (communication, problem solving, initiative, etc.) along with camp specific skills (canoeing, sailing, archery, etc.). 

The program will be customized at each camp to build strong future staff specific to each individual location.

What will the Counsellor-In-Training experience (2nd year) look like?

Successful L.I.T.s will be invited back to be a C.I.T. at the same camp in 2020

How can I get more information?

Please call 519-699-5100 or email camp@ckw.ymca.ca to learn more about the program, and availability.