Health goals are achieved every day at the YMCA

Often our health and wellness is not our top priority. That’s why the Y offers a variety of health and wellness programs to help you learn, move and connect for better health.  At the Y, we believe that better health means a better life.

Whether you’re experiencing a chronic condition and needing support, looking to change your lifestyle to include healthy habits, or looking to meet new friends, we’ve got programs to help keep you get started to put your health and wellbeing first.

Book a free program consultation with YMCA Wellness staff to get started in a health and wellness program listed below

Diabetes Fit  Smart start to healthy living with pre-diabetes or diabetes

Neuro Fit & Fitness For Function:  Smart start to exercise with a neurological condition and/or mobility challenges.  Circuit based  or individualized exercise available.  Adaptations provided for those using wheelchairs, walkers or canes.

Move For Health Your smart start to moving more with a chronic health condition 

Rock Steady Boxing  Non-contact boxing based workout for individuals with Parkinson's disease

Community Health And Fitness WorkshopsAchieving good health is more than just working out. We offer wellness workshops and community programs to increase your knowledge and confidence for health and well-being.


Heart Wise Exercise logo YMCA Wellness Programs are Heart Wise Exercise Programs. Click here to learn more about Heart Wise and the YMCA.
Ontario Trillium Foundation Logo   Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support of our Wellness Programs.
United Way Logo Thank you to the United Way for their support of our Wellness Programs (Fitness For Function and Neuro Fit).
Thank you to the Waterloo Wellington LHIN for their support of our Wellness Programs (Diabetes Fit and Move For Health).