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Get Active as a Family

Exercising together brings families together.  It gives parents and children the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and really get to know one another.  Parents often don't recognize the power they have to model healthy behaviour to their children.  When parents and kids are active together, it gives them a common sense of purpose and a goal.  Exercise benefits both of them in spirit, mind and body.

Family Fitness Plan 

(With parent or caregiver participation)

This program is designed to get youth members (aged 10-12 years) participating in the conditioning centre together with their parents. View more details here (PDF).

Family Aikido

(With parent or caregiver participation)

Aikido is a defensive martial art that develops self-confidennce, coordination, and focus. Students will practice individually and in pairs to learn how to fall safety and techniques that teach cooperation and spatial awareness.

Family Table Tennis

(With parent or caregiver)

Come out and play table tennis with other families in our MPR rooms. Paddles and balls will be available or bring your own.

Family Badminton

(With parent or caregiver participation)

Come out and play badminton with other families in the Gym. Rackets, and birdies will be available or bring your own.

Family Y Spots

(with parent or caregiver participation)

Come out each week to try out a new sport. Bond with your child over an introduction to a variety of activities that will help to develop their coordination and love of sport.  

Family Drumfit 

(with parent or caregiver participation)

Grab some balls and a pair of drumsticks, find your beat and be unique! DrumFITTM is a fast-paced, non-competitive fitness program that combines music, movement, and drumming.  We only have one rule - you must have FUN! It is guarenteed to leave you smiling, inspired, and wanting more! Learn more about DrumFITTM

If you have questions please contact Michael Chien at 519-884-9622 ext. 261 or michael.chien@ckw.ymca.ca